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Cellular Health Analysis (CHA)

What is it?

CHA also known as Bio-impedance Analysis is a scientifically validated test that accurately measures the biological markers of ageing.

In essence CHA measures electrical current changes across limbs, organs and other body sites, which allows us to gather extremely useful information regarding your body composition.

CHA accurately measures your bio-impedence reading which combined with fluid and nutritional analysis software is able to calculate your:

• Biological Age (the age you really are)
• Fat Mass
• Muscle Mass
• Cellular Toxicity
• Cellular Fluid Levels
• Basal Metabolic Rate

What is involved?

The total time needed to complete CHA is about 45 minutes.

Firstly, the therapist will gather information for the test such as your name, age, sex, weight, height, waist circumference and exercise level.

The test itself is done clothed, takes only 5 minutes and is completely safe and painless.

The test will provide some data which coupled with the other information is entered into a software program. This program then generates a report which outlines useful information regarding your body composition. Your therapist will then discuss and explain the results of your report.